TIBADO Mobile Pocket

TIBADO mobile pockets have the sole purpose of storing and managing TIBADO coins.

The software implementation uses a common architecture and library structure and shown in the diagram below illustrates the components and interfaces.

tibado client reference

The following TIBADO API links gives you information about the functionality of the individual API interfaces.


All future implementation and third-party applications will follow the pocket and coin analogy and common architecture and TIBADO client applications will store pocket contents with a number of subdirectories.

Coins Coins directory stores all pocket coins.
Many coins in multiple denominations could be stored within this directory to allow the client to transact whilst being offline.
CreditCoins Credit coins directory stores a history of all the coin images stored in the pocket.
DebitCoins Debit coins directory stores a history of all the coin images that have been taken out of the pocket.
PendingCoins Pending coins directory is a temporary store of all coins involved with a request to the Cash API.

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